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What an Amazing First Month!

Hello! Thank you for being among our very first supporters. You are with us at the beginning of what is shaping up to be an incredible journey.

I started TITO Art & Design after realizing I did not fit in with the corporate world that design school pushed me towards. I just wanted to make stuff that was fun, minimal with a touch of high design, a little weird and alien, but also practical and functional.

But could I really start my own business around this concept? After some nudging and pep talks from my husband Tristan, I decided to try selling at the Melrose Trading Post.

This first month has been amazing. I was surprised how well people responded to my work! It has been so great to meet everyone, and to be able to share my wacky and wonderful world with you all.

Through our newsletter, we will offer design tips, fun memes, new art and products, VIP access to events, and of course, discounts and giveaways! You can sign up here!

I look forward to getting to know you better and collaborating with you to create a more fun, beautiful, and loving world.

– Tito

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