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Building a Community of Forward-Thinking People

We’ve met so many fantastic (and some fantastically weird) people at the Melrose Trading Post these past few months!

As I mentioned in my last message to you, my frustrations in trying to break in to the corporate world led me to start TITO Art & Design. Although my aesthetic is apparently a bit too odd for the mainstream, I thought perhaps I would find a few of my people at MTP. As it turns out, there are a lot of us!

Shout out to our new friend and incredible illustrator, Marianna Fierro, who sent us this photo of her new TITO Blob table in her apartment.

Knowing that there is this community of forward-thinking people drives us to keep creating and sharing our creations with you.

This is why we are in the process of finding our own space, so we can bring everyone together and celebrate the joys of art and design. As an early supporter of TITO Art & Design, you will get a VIP spot at our events. Stay tuned for an announcement on that!

Get your friends on the VIP list and you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE blob side table. If you get at least 2 friends to sign up for our mailing list (make sure they put your name in “How Did You Find Us?”), you could win! The winner will be announced at our first launch event.

One last thing: we are pleased to be able to offer 0% interest for 6 months on purchases made through Paypal! Just use the “Pay Later” option when you check out on the TITO website.
Much more to come.

– Tito

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