Hello, I’m Tito

When my husband and I needed furniture after moving into a new place in 2020, I decided to try making it myself. With a transportation design background from ArtCenter, but little experience making furniture, I didn’t know if I could do it. I started making things in our garage and driveway, without an inkling that it would turn into a successful business, and that we would have a store front in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles!

I often ask myself “How did I get here?” (”here” meaning having my own business, but also this planet!) I’ve always felt like I haven’t quite fit in, whether it’s school, my family, or in a corporate setting. One of my ArtCenter instructors told me that my style was too quirky and that I needed to be more “aggressive.” I just rolled my eyes, knowing that I couldn’t be something I wasn’t.

I channeled my feelings of alienation into my art and design – literally into alien-themed art! With the support and help from family and friends, and my amazing husband, Tristan, I have been able to build TITO Art & Design into a business that allows me to be more of myself. I feel so fortunate to have found true creative freedom and to have a wonderful community of people willing to support it. Thank you for allowing me to share a piece of myself with you.

You can read more on what TITO Art & Design is all about.