Our Process

At TITO Art & Design, we design and handcraft our furniture, decor, and art at our space in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. Our goods are made sustainably, ethically, and using non-toxic materials. Visit us to see your products being made and see what we’re all about!

The Design

Our process starts with the design, of course. Tito dreams up elegant and whimsical forms, and thinks about how to turn them into useful physical products like chairs, tables, lamps, and more. He sketches numerous designs on paper until he is satisfied with the aesthetic and functionality.

Research & Development (R&D)

Early prototype of the Tic Tac chair. It was not very ergonomic.

For the wood-based pieces, Tito then creates a digital sketch of various parts of the product that can be milled by a CNC machine and later hand-assembled. When the prototype is finished, we test it to ensure its strength and durability, and make tweaks to refine it.


When we receive an order, we buy the necessary materials from local lumber, hardware, and art shops. For a wood-based product, we purchase large sheets of the highest quality Baltic birch plywood. Tito creates a digital file with the shapes that can be read by a CNC machine to cut out the pieces. We then feed the wood into the machine to make the cuts.

Some pieces are cut or shaped by hand, with a jigsaw, or circular saw.

We then thoroughly sand the pieces with multiple grits so they are smooth to the touch. The pieces are then assembled by slotting, screwing, and/or gluing them together to create the final form. Finally, if the product is to be colored, it is sprayed with a water-based non-toxic paint. Whether painted or not, it is then coated with 2 coats of water-based polyurethane protectant.

If the product is upholstered: we purchase high quality foam from local manufacturers. This is covered in the fabric of your choice (Knoll® is our standard), and attached to the wood using a staple gun.

The process varies for other products. For the lamps and candle holders, we create a wood-based or wire-based structure, place wire mesh around it, and then spread a high quality clay from Italy over it. Sometimes these are then sprayed with the water-based non-toxic paint.

To make The TITO Sofa cushions, we purchase high quality foam from local manufacturers. We wrap these in poly batting for a softer feel and more plump look. Then we wrap it in a cover, using the fabric of your choice, and have it sewn by a local professional sewer.

If you have any questions about our process, let us know. We will be happy to share!